Teaching Exceptional Children

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Teaching Exceptional Children

"Research-to-practice information and materials for classroom use, as well as current issues in special education teaching and learning."

What does that mean?

Instead of articles like:

  • Pluralizing Methodologies in the Field of LD (Learning Disabilities Quarterly)
  • Specific Reading Disabilities in Chinese, English, or Both: Longitudinal Markers of Phonological Awareness, Morphological Awareness, and RAN in Hong Kong Chinese Children (Journal of Learning Disabilities)

You get...

  • Growing STEM as a Pathway to the Future;
  • Understanding STEM Education and Supporting Students Through Universal Design for Learning; and ...

Helping Students Succeed Within Secondary-Level STEM Content

Using the "T" in STEM to Improve Literacy Skills

Problems with current, typical STEM education:

  • The Endless Lecture
  • Basic Literacy Struggles
  • Limited Relevance to Students' Lives
  • Lack of Instruction Designed to Students' Needs

Practical Advice on How to Create Solutions

  • Using Content Acquisition Podcasts

Links to videos on

  • Sample CAPs
  • How to use PowerPoint to create your own CAPs

CAP-4-STEM Four-Part Model

  1. Identify the morphemes and root words
  2. Prepare a student-friendly definition for each word part
  3. Determine student-friendly definition of word in STEM context
  4. Use clear and vivid images to help improve learning and retention

Why did I choose this article?

  • Practical, immediately useful
  • Direct tie-in to our chapter on strategies for teaching math to students with SLD!

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