Mrs. Parks's Newsletter

The Second Grade Scoop

Here's the "scoop" for the week of November 16, 2015
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Last week: We finished Unit 2 and prepared for our culminating activity which included our field trip to the zoo! It was a blast!! (See Photos!)

This week: Students will use the text and illustrations to help better understand characters, setting and plot. We will then examine characters more closely by looking at their character traits, physical appearance and behavior by using text and illustrations to support our thinking.

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This week: Students will continue the writing process to publish a writing piece. Students will also begin working on creating an informational sign for the zoo animal they have chosen. Students will use the text features they thought were the best from our information gathered at the zoo to help in creating the sign.

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Last week: There was no spelling due to the short week and our field trip.

This week: The skill is long a spelled: ai (main), ay (bay), ei (eight), ey (they) and ea (break).

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Last week: Students observe and learn about different soil in the 3 regions in Maryland (Mountain, Piedmont Plateau and Atlantic Coastal Plain). Students will also learn about the sun, moon and stars in upcoming lessons.

This week: Students will be learning about the moon, stars and sun. We will then be wrapping up our unit by creating dioramas. We need shoe boxes for this activity. Please send in any extras you have.

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  • American Education Week - Monday, November 16 to Friday, November 20

***** 2nd grade visitation day is Tuesday! (9:30 - 11:55 and 12:25 to 3:30)

  • Thanksgiving Break - Thursday & Friday, November 26 & 27 - School Closed
  • Winter Break - No school from Thursday, December 24 to Sunday, January 3 (School reopens Monday, January 4)
  • End of the 2nd Quarter - Friday, January 15
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Break - No school - Monday, January 18
  • Professional Development Day - No school - Tuesday, January 19
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  • Please send in a shoe box (or 2 to share) for dioramas
  • I am looking for a volunteer to help level our classroom library. Please let me know if you are interested and I can share more information. I have had one parent express interest.
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Chloe! You are a hard worker and a Wise Westy! Keep it up!

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We had a fantastic trip! The rainy weather didn't last all day but it kept many people away, so we practically had the zoo to ourselves! It was so much fun! Students went on a sign scavenger hunt looking for different text features that they noticed on signs. Students also got to visit the animal they chose for their animal research report. Some animals were out for us to see and others were traveling to schools on an educational outreach program.

Thank you to our chaperones: Mrs. Buchler, Mr. Bugayong, Mrs. Coleman, and Mrs. Walsh.

Thank you to Dusk's father, Mr. Bugayong, for sending me pictures from the trip. If any other chaperones have photos, please send them my way. The students would love to see the photos!

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Volunteer Training

You must be volunteer trained for the 2015-2016 school year in order to volunteer in your child’s classroom or attend a fieldtrip. Even if you have been volunteer trained in the past, you MUST be volunteer trained each new school year.

Volunteer training is online again this year! You can go online and complete the training on your own time that matches your schedule. Once you have completed the online volunteer training, you need to print out and bring in the certificate and application to school to be checked and signed. Please allow at least 24 hours from the time the office receives the form for the form to be processed in the front office.
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If you would like to contact me, here’s how:

Phone: 410-887-3869
Write me: Write a note and include it in your child's gold folder or assignment book