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LVJH Weekly Bulletin June 5, 2015

Schools out for summer!

Dear Staff,

Congratulations on a successful school year! As 2014-2015 draws to a close, everyone will reflect, recharge, and--prepare for next year. Spending time with family and taking the time to grow professionally make the summer break an uplifting time to be an educator (even though we work a lot during the summer). Our administrative team will stay in close contact with our entire staff during the summer, and we will reach out to the staff for insight and feedback to help us better serve our students and staff. This bulletin has some requests for feedback as well. So, please do not hesitate to share your needs, concerns, and insights with me or any members of our administrative team. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you." Emerson's words provide a powerful truth applicable to every person. As educators, these words have another implication: We must make the most of ourselves to make sure our students make the most of themselves. Thank you for all you do to make the most of our students.

Enjoy a much needed break!

Anthony Kosub


La Vernia Junior High School

Staff Spotlight: Service Awards

Let's celebrate the service of the following employees:

  • Five year awards: Erin Uribe-Ramos, Laurie Mollenkopf
  • Ten year awards: Sheryl Mondragon, Chris Taylor
  • Twenty Year awards: Trudi Buckley, Kathy Trammell
  • Twenty-Five Year Awards: Clara Duelm, Danny Gonzalez, Edith Sommer

Thank you all for your dedication to the students of LVJH and LVISD!

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Feedback Needed!

Dear Staff,

Please follow the links below and provide your insight and feedback. The first document is a brief discipline survey to be used to guide the revising of our campus discipline process this summer. The second task requires you to create a three bullet wish list for our administrative team to use as we prepare for 2015-2016. You may put your name on the wish list if you would like to do so.

Thank you,

Anthony Kosub


o June 15: Registration dates for 2015-16 (A-I)

o June 16: Registration dates for 2015-2016 (J-R)

o June 17: Registration dates for 2015-2016 (S-Z)

o Aug 4: Newcomer Fair

o Aug 3: Prep Day (6th Grade)

o Aug 4: Prep Day (7th Grade)

o Aug 5, Prep Day (8th Grade) (Day) All Grades>Evening Session

o Aug 13-20: Staff Development

o Aug 21: Campus Day (Orientation)

Aug 24: First Day of School 2015-2016