By: James Hersh

Peru's Flag

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Culture- What unique holidays do they have? Why?

Almost every city and town in Peru holds an annual festival, called a feias, to honor its patron Saint. Feias include colorful religious processions, feasting, dancing, and games. Peru celebrates the anniversary of its independence on July 28th.

Geography- What types of land area? Where do most Peru's people live on?

Lima, which has a population of almost 7 million, is by far the largest, busiest, and most modern Peruvian city. The types of land areas include the highlands, the highest parts of the Peruvian Andes, and the Selva, a region of forests and jungles.

Resources/Economy- What kind of major resources and major exports for this country?

Agriculture, fishing, and mining are important to Peru's economy. Much of Peru's manufacturing is based on the processing of the of the country's natural resources. Agricultural, fished, and mined products also make up a large portion of Peru's exports.

History- What kind of important events happened in Peru's history, and why?

Peru was the last country in the America to seek independence from Spain. The chief heroes of Peru's independence were Jose de San Martin of Argentina and Simon Bolivar of Venezuela. San Martin's army invaded Peru in 1820. Although Peru had become free, Spain did not formally recognize its independence until 1879.