A Real Limoncello

From Capri Island - the Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea

Sweet, fresh, and so fragrant ! It is a tradizional after-dinner lemon liqueur from South Italy.

Limoncello is a sweet liqueur made by infusion in alcohol of lemon peels, and being mixed with sugar and water.

Limoncello has very beautiful yellow color of lemon peels, and fantastic smelling of fresh lemons.

Limoncello is a traditional after-dinner drink which story goes back to 1900’s, and in Italy everybody drinks a shot of sweet and chilly Limoncello after dinner.

Ciao! We are Limoncello Capri Più!

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Limoncello was originally born in Capri

Limoncello Capri Più is made from Organic IGP Sorrento Lemons

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What is I.G.P. Lemon ?

I.G.P. (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) :

The I.G.P. Lemon of Sorrento P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication) is cultivated in the Sorrento Peninsula, in the municipal district territories of Massa Lubrense, Meta, Piano di Sorrento, Sant'Agnello, Sorrento, Vico Equense, and Capri and Anacapri in the Capri island.

The European Community Council Regulation no.2081/92 of July 14th,1992, recognized the protection of geographic indications (P.G.I.) of the agricultural and alimentary products to protect their geographic marks and to guarantee their denominations of origin.

The Lemon of Sorrento has obtained P.G.I. from February 1st, 2001. The most important product made from Lemon of Sorrento and Capri is, as you know, "Limoncello".

Limoncello Capri Più, "Real" & "Artisan"



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Limoncello Capri Più - Come fare il Limoncello "Liquorificio GIA.MA."

Capri Più company by Giuseppe Buonocore

Capri Più is a small family company by Mr. Giuseppe.

He has been selling Limoncello for more than 25 years in Capri Island, where this lemon liqueur was originally born.

The goal of the company is to maintain the quality and tradition of the products, and to continue to supply and transmit it to the market.

DO YOU KNOW "MELONCELLO" !? Magical creamy fruit digestif

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For further information, please contact:

Ms. MAYUMI HIROTA ( Export Manager )

e-mail asia@donizetti.it

Limoncello リモンチェッロ 柠檬利口酒 리몬첼로 Лимончелло