Marco's Year at a Glance

Marco Sebastian Esguerra

About Me

My name is Marco. I was born April 9th, 1996 in Hyannis Massachusetts. I'm 17 years old. I attend Frenship High School. I'm half American/ half Colombian.
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La Orquesta de Ray - Colombia tierra querida

Year at a Glance

This has been one of my best years in school, besides the drama and all the bad stuff, I've met wonderful friends and learned to appreciate my life even more. I've also gotten much better at school and had more accomplishments than ever. My grades still aren't what I want them to be, but next year will be even better!

Dream Vacation

My ideal dream vacation would be to travel to Firenze or Florence, Italy because to me it is the most beautiful and historical place place ever! Florence is quite an old city dating back to the Renaissance and beyond. I would love to visit many places in Florence such as the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, and la Piazza della Signoria. Italy means a lot to me because it is the birth place of my favorite Renaissance artist... Leonardo daVinci.

To Future Sophomores

To all freshman becoming sophomores, I just want to say that Sophomore year is a really great year. To me it's when I've had the most fun so far and made excellent friends. A few downsides are taking the EOC's, but hey do good and it will pay off indefinitely. Good luck sophomores!