Stop Cyberbullying

once its said the web is fed stop cyberbullying

What is Cyberbullying

cyberbullying is where someone say's stuff mean and hurtful to people like even just saying you're ugly is cyberbullying over social media

Examples of Cyberbullying

1.text messages media sites

4.embarrassing pictures or videos

Three Differences between Bullying and Cyberbullying

1.cyber is always there no matter what even at home

2.cyberbully messages can be anonymously and can be spread quickly

3.deleting messages that are inappropriate and deleting them is hard after they have been sent or posted

Effects of Cyberbullying

1.use of alchohol and drugs

2.receive poor grades

3.skip school

4.have lower self-esteem

5.have more health problems

Prevention and Awareness

1.watching their child while on the internet

2.fake account of their own computer moniter inside the computer

4.web history

5.ask them to tell u what they do on there

Establishing Rules

1.go to sites you know are safe

2.put up firewalls

3.have someone check the website before you get on

Reporting a Bully

1.don't respond to a bully

2.tell your parents or someone over you

3.get offline immediatly

Report to Online Sevrice Provider

Law Enforcment Notification




Report to the School

1.they can counsel you

2.they can question the bullies if they are at school