Jacob Rescue

A holocaust story

Main Characters

The main character in the story Jacob's Rescue is Jacob Gutgel, Alex, and Mela Roslan. Jacob was a young Eight year old jewish boy who was abandoned by his father and was taken in by two couples who lived in poland. Alex and Mela were the two couples who took in jacob and his brothers. Alex and Mela were nonjewish and could get in very big touble if they got caught with these children.


In 1941, Alex and Mela Roslan were nonjewish couples who rescued a little boy who climbed through a little whole. His name is jacob and his two brothers David and Sholom. Alex and Mela put there life at risk by saving these jewish boys. The nazi's were looking for jews to put in concentration camps to work and even die, because they thought it was the jews fault for economic problems. Jacob is always hiding and is not aloud to go near any windows or he could be killed.


Alex and mela risked there life to save these jewish boys, like for example taking one of the boys to the hospital was very tricky cause if they got caught they would of gotten killed. Even just hiding the boys in there home would kill them. Alex and Mela were very brave.


''May you never know the hunger i knew''. Jacob was saying to his daughter marrissa that when he was younger he was a jew and if caught by the nazi's he could die, so pretty much jacob had to stay in hiding with his family and experienced being hungry and scared, his daughter on the other hand was just hungry and never experienced alot of days without eating.