Enzo Ferrari

What made him special

He was the founder of Ferrari. He made amazing fast and stylish cars.

Info on him

He was born February 18th 1898 in Italy. His brother and father died during World War One. He got discharged from the army in 1918 because he got the flue during the Flue Pandemic. He loved racing he joined the CMN team but he did not have much success. He later joined Alfa Romeo because they had more success with their cars. He then won his first reward in 1923 the Prancing Horse reward. After he won more rewards the company offered him a chance to race in bigger events but he turned them down.

He later got demoted to directer of sports. Due to a contract with Alfa he could not design or race cars for the next four years.

He began manufacturing his own cars in 1946. His cars won many awards and are still considered really good cars.