The First Colony

Brief History

-first permanent English colony in North america

-was a business venture of the Virginia Company, which had English people come to America in search of valuable natural resources and then ship them back to England

-established the first European-type legislative body in the New World, very similar to the House of Burgesses


-located above North Carolina and below Maryland

-English settlers told the Native Americans to basically get off of their own land, including their chieftain Powhatan

-this was mainly due to the fact that the land was rich in tobacco, which became a major cash crop

-this led to major social and economic divisions between landowners and those who did not own land

-cultivating tobacco required lots of work, which made them rely heavily on slavery

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-Virginians had little to no say in which religion they wanted to practice

-if their religion was not Christian, it would not be tolerated

-the line between political independence and religious freedom was blurred

-Virginians were ordered to worship the Anglican church

Bacon's Rebellion

-an uprising primarily of poor whites in Virginia who wanted land

-wanted the colonial government to take harsher actions toward American Indians

-helped lead to the rise of slavery

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Why choose Virginia?

-this is a thriving region with an abundance of tobacco, almost guaranteeing you a job and income!

-the House of Burgesses was the first and BEST legislative body

-Virginia gave birth to EIGHT presidents! That's more than any other state!