Harriet Beecher Stowe



Born in June 14, 1811.This is a story of a beautiful yoga lately. Named Harriet Beecher Stowe.She was a author that loved to write books.She was a fun spirits to be around!!

Best known for

She was a author. here are some books that she wrote.

  • Uncle tom caden
  • The may flower
  • Palmetto beaves
  • Dred

Dear Harriet

Harriet peles come and vist us done no eath. we will lisn to all of you books.come back.

- samuel

getting mary and chillderin

Harriet beecher stow got mary to calvin stow and had six chillderin born in Cincinatti. That sumer of 1849 stow son samuel challels had diy of choera. A didis that cost dageris stomic fullet and therst.


She died at her home, 73. She lived a good life being a ather.She had 7 chillderin. the good than abbot it is that she is going to see her cillid in hevin. loge live harriet.