Pencils to Write

by Noam Hazan

What can you do with a pencil

Have you ever used a pencil. Pencils are yellow. Pencils shape are hexagon and writes. Pencils come from forests.

Wood from Farm to Factory

It all starts with a seed. After a while the trees grow. Then the farmer collects the wood. Finally the farmer sells the wood.

At the Factory

When the logs get to the factory... A saw mishine cuts the logs to pencil stock. Pencil is a long block of wood. Now loaded on a truck or train. Now that its here... At the slat factory. It gets to be cut more! Into pencil blocks. A cutting mushines cuts lines then puts lead in. Then puts a nuther peas together. Finally puts the pecus to a hexagon shape and adds a eraser.

How it gets to you!

It gos on a truck or a boat or plane. maybe even a train.

What can you do with a pencil

A pencils is excellent at skeing. The grip is excellent. A pencil is the best thing to write with. You can also play games.
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