The North East region



New England states:Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode island.Mid Atlantic states:New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.

Land forms

In the North East region there are so many land forms and lots of people have seen these ones! One of the land forms in the North East is called the Green Mt. this wonderful mountain has been seen by thousands of people. And the same goes for the White Mt. there is nothing about this mountain that people like they just want to look at it! But the Catskill Mt. and the Pocono Mt. has been seen by many people as well so many people look at it every single day. But the final land form is Niagara falls People love this water fall for some reason some people think it looks cool or good but some people just like watching it. That is the land forms for the North East region!


In the North East states the weather is varied. One of these climates is hot! In the North East when it is summer time lots of heat waves occur, in some of these heat waves it can get over 60 degrees so sometimes people have to stay home due to the lack of cold air! But the winter is a different story in the winter time it can get as low as -7 degrees and 20 degrees at the highest. Almost forcing everyone to stay inside! That is the climate of the North East.


In the North East farming is very important for everyone there, there is about 7 main crops that are made in the North East. Two of the crops that are made is potatoes and maple syrup these are made in Vermont and Maine. Massachusetts is getting involved with this as well Massachusetts is the state that makes grapes, and cranberry. But that's not all of them other states also make things like corn, apples, oats, and blueberry. All of these fine crops are made in the North East and can be found in the North East!

Manufacturing and Mining

In the North East manufacturing has a big part in there states but some of them are the most important ones. A building called a mill will have iron ore, limestone, and coal sent to them from miners that collected them. The people working at the mills will take these 3 ores and mush them together to make steel. After they do that the steel will be sent to a factory and they will compress the steel together to make it use-able. From there on the real steel will be sent to builders and they use this to make things like bridges and many more things! That was telling you how the North East uses steel do build thing like bridges.