Winter Kill

Joe Picket is a game warden in Wyoming. As he glanced the valley he saw some elk. Then out of no where he heard gun shots. As one gun shot went off, one elk fell to the ground. Then another shot and another elk fell. 3 gun shots and 3 elk laying on the ground. He saw the man that did this, and Joe went in to arrest him. On Joe's way to town with the poacher, it began to snow hard. Joe came to a stop, and the poacher had escaped the hand cuffs and ran into the trees. Joe ran after him, but when he got to the poacher, the poacher was pinned to a tree from 3 carbon arrows shot from a bow. What will Joe do next, go further in the woods to investigate, or get the poacher down and take him to town?
Box, C. J. (2003). Winterkill: A novel. New York: Putnam.

Tate Ferrell