Stamp Act Congress

The fight for rights

The first congress of the American colonies

Whenever the Stamp Act was created in March of 1765, the colonies became outraged. This act made colonists have to purchase a stamp for every document they got. As a result, the Stamp Act Congress was created as a way to stop this outrageous taxation. This congress consisted of 9 of the colonies in North America not including Georgia, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Virginia. Their objective was to unify and protest against the British government for these taxes. The Stamp Act was the first direct tax in the colonies which caused an uprising in the colonies. The Stamp Act congress joined in October 7-25 1765 to fight this tax. This uprising eventually ended the Stamp Act altogether in March of 1766 which ended this tax

More about the Stamp Act Congress

The Stamp Act Congress showed one of the first signs of unity in the colonies, rebelling against the government. The end of the Stamp Act also brought about the Declaratory Act which would again upset and frustrate the colonies. The Stamp Act Congress brought together the colonies in one objective and goal. This made them closer to each other and start to realize how controlling the British was trying to be with the colonies. This showed the cooperation of the colonies and how they could unify as one and become stronger if they work together.