By Megan Goff



Page 83

"Can you imagine how it will be, Finn, one day to open a hatch and climb out of darkness, out of Incarceron? To see the stars? To see the sun?"...Finn was silent..."I've seen it."...Gildas laughed sourly. "Only in visions, fool boy. Only in dreams."

Finn knows that he has seen the outside world, even if Gildas doubts him. He doesn't give up and believe in what Gildas has says, because he knows that he has seen it. Finn doesn't let anyone changed his mind.

Page 113

"I've got to get out, find out who I am? I have to escape."

In this quote, Finn is talking to his brother, who wants to give up trying to escape. Finn won't be stopped and is determined to find his way out of Incarceron, no matter what.

Page 376

"Do you know what I'm escaping from? From not knowing myself. Having this darkness inside me, this emptiness. I can't live with that. Don't leave me here, Claudia!"

Finn is taking to his friend, Claudia, who lives in the outside world. She told him that there was no way to escape from Incarceron. He tells her that he can't live anymore in Incarceron any longer and never gives up on trying to get out.

Current Issue~

NASCAR driver Brian Vickers is an inspiring man that kept on going even when times were tough. In 2009, Brian was diagnosed with DVT, or deep vein thrombosis. DVT is a clot in your deep veins, and typically causes strokes. Brian was asked to sit out the rest of the 2009 season. When he returned to racing, he found that Red Bull Racing, the company he was hired by, had left the sport. He had to join a mediocre team and slowly start driving again. Now, Brian is back on track and has accepted a full-time job with a championship team. His story inspires others to go for their dreams even if there's a roadblock in your way.

How do these connections contribute to my understanding of Incarceron?

Brian's story helps me to understand Incarceron because Finn, the main character, is also struggling to achieve his dream. It makes me realize how hard it is to not give up and accept failure. I understand how Finn felt when people kept telling him he couldn't do it, because Brian also had people telling him he wouldn't be able to continue racing. Both Brian and Finn overcame struggles and accomplished their goals.

How do these connections contribute to my understanding of the theme?

Finn and Brian had amazing courage and strength. For Finn, trying to leave Incarceron was an almost impossible feat. For Brian, his decision to start racing again could have had major effects on his health. They were determined and proceeded to keep going. I think Brian's story and Incarceron really show the persistence needed to never give up.

When have I experienced this theme in my daily life?

When I was younger, I really wanted to join the band. Most of my friends were involved with it, and I thought it would be a great experience. I decided to learn the clarinet, and took lessons throughout the summer. When I started school in the fall, I learned that I was second chair. I learned in one year what the band kids learned in three. I found that anything is possible if you put enough effort into it and don't give up.