The Disney Effect

By: Sierra Adams; 3rd

Cinderella's Royal Table

Cinderella's Royal Table is located in Cinderella's Castle in The Magic Kingdom. Cinderella's Castle is based off of all three of the Cinderella's movies.The restaurant replaced King Stefan's Banquet Hall in 1971. While you are dinning, you are able to take a picture with Cinderella herself and other princesses. When you come to dine at Cinderella's Royal Table, you are encouraged to dress up a little.


Once you enter the castle, you greeted by Cinderella herself. Then, you walk up a red carpeted spiral staircase to the dinning hall. The dinning hall is decorated with archways and tapestries to give the medieval and regal affect on guests. Also, in the center of the hall if you look up you will be able to see flags hanging from the ceiling.


The Disney princesses are required to stay in character all day. The princesses need to "come alive" to make the guests stay magical and the experience resemble Walt Disney's movies. There is nothing better than making guests feel as they are in the world of Disney. There is nothing more important than bringing happiness and smiles to peoples faces.