Caperea marginata

The Pygmy Right Whale

Assumed to be extinct, the Pygmy Right Whale surprised scientists by proving to be very much alive.

The Pygmy Right Whale is the smallest of the baleen whales, growing to roughly 6 meters or 20 feet in length and weighing about 3,000 kg.

Analysis of stomach contents of deceased Pygmy Rights, scientists have discovered that they mostly eat copepods and euphausiids. More research may prove that their diet is more or less specialized than it seems now.

Not much is known about these whales because they are rarely observed, but they are assumed to be circumpolar, living in all areas around the South Pole.

This whale has not been researched enough for us to know specific threats to its existence. With more observation, scientists will hopefully discover more about this mysterious and majestic creature.

More Unknowns

The mating habits and communication strategies of this whale is unknown, as is the total population. Gestation periods, lactation periods, and lifespan are also all unknown. These whales are occasionally spotted in groups but are often found alone; as of 2008 fewer than 25 "at sea" sightings have been made.

As much as we believe that we know everything about the planet we live on, we still have much to learn. Hopefully someday we will have all the facts about the Pygmy Right Whale.