A Fishy Dissection

Jiakai Pan Perch Dissection Pre-AP Bio Vu Period 1

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Perca fluviatilis

Perches are two species of fish that belong to the family Percidae. They belong to the kingdom of Animalia, under the phylum of Chordata and subphylum Osteichthyes. Confusingly, the name perch may apply to a wide variety of fish. The order to which perches belong to, Perciformes, has its roots in both Greek and Latin. Perke means "spotted" in Greek, while forma in Latin means "shaped."
There are two kinds of perches. One of which, the European perch, is native to Eurasia, while the other, the yellow perch, is native to North America.

Today's Objectives

Students will be learning about the structures, functions, and organs of the circulatory system of a perch. Students will also understand the taxonomy, evolutionary relationships, and the ecology of a perch.

Evolutionary Relationships of a Perch

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Dissection of a Perch Tutorial

Perch Dissection

The Circulatory System At A Glance

Perches have a closed circulatory system with a heart that pumps blood around the body in a single loop. The function of the circulatory system is to supply the body with oxygen, nutrients, and blood, and keep it flowing throughout the body.