New Jersey

"The Garden State"

New Jersey State Flower:Viola

A Viola is the New Jersey state flower.Its color is violet but we call it "Viola".New Jersey considered it the viola in 1913.You can find violas in fields,lawns and anywhere it is warm and spring sunshine.

New Jersey State Bird:Eastern Goldfinch

Eastern Goldfinch is the New Jersey state bird.They have bright yellow feathers and some feathers are black.If you want them to come to your house than try putting some sunflower seeds and see if they come.Eastern Goldfinch was chosen in 1935.

New Jerseys Tourist Attractions

1.Adventure Aquarium 2.Boardwalk 3.Six Flags

New Jersey State Tree: Red Oak

This is the New Jersey state tree.It has red leaves and sometimes they might have green or orange leaves.In 1950 the red oak was chosen to be the state tree.It produces many acorns because of the Native Americans.

New Jersey State Flag

This the New Jersey state flag.Its main colors are brown or bash and blue.The colors were chosen by General George Washington in 1779.
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New Jersey State

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