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When you innovate, you've got to be prepared for everyone telling you you're nuts. - Larry Ellison

Are You Integrating?

This school year we have a new set of Technology Application standards for K-12. Since we do not teach a separate class to address these standards, we need to strive to find every opportunity to integrate these standards into our curriculum. In the next few weeks I will be sharing the 6 strands from the 8th grade. These are the same standards that teachers should strive to meet themselves.

Creativity and Innovation- The student uses creative thinking and innovative processes to construct knowledge, generate new ideas, and create products.

Here are some tips and resources that can help your students meet this standard.

  1. Have students create and present an infographic as a group or in stations on any topic using one of these great tools.
    Piktochart / Visual.ly / Dipity
  2. Assign students to use online tools such as iPiccy, Pixlr, or Big Huge Labs to edit pictures for their next presentation. Be sure to show them how they can save in different formats. Can't get to the lab? Make this a whole class activity.

See this site to learn more about your particular grade level TEKS for Technology Applications.

Twitter Terms You Should Know

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JP's Apps Gone Free!

Here are some apps that recently became free! Be sure to check them out for your students and see if they align with your next lesson. (These apps may not remain free so get them today.)

Interactive Books


Word Cloud Generators You Don't Want to Miss

If you have never used a word cloud generator you are missing out. These online tools are a great way to make vocabulary lessons more interesting. Word cloud generators create images that visually represent written data. You can make a word cloud as a teacher or have your students create them as you teach them new words. Read this article to learn about Ten Word Cloud Generators