COVID Protocol Information

Creekside Elementary School Safety Protocol

Revised Process for Contact Tracing & Quarantine of Students

Covid Protocol Information

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Visitor/Volunteer changes to COVID Protocol

Current COVID Protocol as of January 11, 2022

Visitors/Volunteers are allowed in buildings, but must adhere to established COVID protocols for volunteering. All visitors, except for children under the age of 2, must wear face coverings while present indoors in any school building or facility, while participating in an indoor on or off-campus school sponsored event or at any indoor athletic event. Indoor athletic events require all spectators to wear masks and to socially distance, as much as possible. All face coverings must cover the nose and mouth of the visitor.

Other COVID Protocols pertaining to Elementary School

  • Regardless of the mask policy, all students and staff must wear masks on buses, vans and any form of school transportation.
  • All field trips are allowed to be requested (including overnight) but students must follow the masking policy when participating in the event.
  • School events can be held, but masks are mandatory for all attendees when events are inside any building.
  • For those students quarantined, a virtual option must be offered. Work with your teachers to ensure they have the resources in place for this to occur consistently.

COVID Testing for Staff & Students

Attached below is the COVID testing letter.

Once you enroll your child will be able to have testing completed at school should they begin to show symptoms or have been exposed to someone who has been diagnosed with COVID.

Once you complete the form through this website you will receive a text message on your phone that will look like the picture below. If this is received you have successfully signed up your child for future COVID test for 2021-2022 school year.

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