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Kimberly Garcia

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Interests are the things that define a person. You can meet lots of great life friends through your interests and can make you a happier person in general if you take the time to do what you love. You can learn a lot about a person by the activities they enjoy and interest. Some are even lucky enough to create a career that revolves around many of the things they enjoy. That is my biggest interest. I am interested in having a life that is all about what i love to do.
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I have been playing tennis since the age of three. It has become something very important in my life. My dad being my coach makes it easier to do it very often, of course it gets difficult at times but i just train harder. It would be nice to have a career in tennis and i will definitely try to get a scholarship for a university in the future. That is one of by motivations to get better.

Job Opportunity: Professional Tennis player, empire
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i enjoy running with my mom and hope to join the track team this year.
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I always love to dance whether its for fun or formal. Ever since i was a toddler, i would always dance along at parties and at the most random times because sometimes you just got to moonwalk it of!
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I love cruising on my Pintail 37 long board. I have had it for about a year now but have been skateboarding since about the age of 5. Though i am still not the best long boarder.