Lawrence Kohlberg

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Lawrence Kohlberg was born in Bronxville, New York, his parents were a German entrepreneur, and a German chemist. In 1948 he enrolled at the University of Chicago, he gained credit for courses by examination, and earned his bachelor's degree in one year. After he began to study for his doctoral degree in psychology, and finished in 1958. After he had read Piaget's work he decided to base all of his work off of his studies.


Lawrence Kohlberg was a American social psychologist. He studied the development of moral judgment. Kohlberg had grouped the stages into three levels, Pre-conventional, Conventional, and post-conventional.

Pre-conventional: how it effects the person personally

Conventional: being able to tell right from wrong

Post-conventional: taking everything into consideration

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Obediance/ Punishment- No difference between doing the right thing and avoiding punishment.

Self Interst- Intrest shifts to rewards rather than punishment- effort is made to secure greatest benefit for oneself.

Comformity and Interpersonal Accord- Effort to secure approval and maintain friendly relationships with others.

Authority and Social Order- Orientation tword fixed rules. The purpose is morality is maintaining the social order. Interpersonal accord is expanded to include the entire society.

Social Contract- Mutual benefit, Reciprocity. Morally right and legally right are not always the same. Utilitarian rules that make life better for everyone.

Universal Principles- Morality is based on principles that transcent mutural benefit.

Time of Developement

Level one is Obedience/ Punishment, and Self interest, this develops from infancy through preschool.

Level two is Conformity and Interpersonal Accord, this develops in the school age.

Level three is Social Contract and Universal Principle, this develops from the teen age and adulthood.