How is oil formed

Oil is formed from the remains of small animals and plants that died.

Is oil renewable

No, oil is nonrenewable, because it takes centurys to form.

How is oil formed

It's used to make chemicals.

What are advantages of using oil

It has greater power compared to any other energy source, about 40% of our energy comes from oil,oil is easier to extract from the ground than coal.

What are ways to conserve oil

Not to use it so much, because it takes centurys to form.

What are disadvantages of using oil

It is becoming more expensive, oil spills can cause huge environmental diasasters, criminals can easily hijack the oil tankers and some try to bomb the pipelines being used.

Where is oil found most abundantly

Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Canada.

Are there any harmful effects to the Earth during the process of collecting or harnessing this energy source

People are drilling holes in the Earth in order to get oil.