The Mata Memo

November 30, 2021

Principal's Message

We hope that you all had a lovely Thanksgiving Break! Can you believe we are back at it with only 3 weeks until Winter Break, and 2 weeks until ACP? This time together will be fast, and we will make each moment of it count.

We are looking forward to some great weeks of teaching and learning!

Tomeka Middleton Williams


Please read the memo carefully for information regarding:

  • Calendar at a Glance
  • Mata Middle School Broadcast
  • Food Drive Video
  • G is for Gratitude Information
  • PTA Meeting
  • December Dress Pass
  • Book Fair
  • PIe Day Thank You!
  • Silent Sky
  • Attendance Information
  • Girl Scout Toy Drive
  • Vaccination Clinics
  • Playwriting Contests
  • Samuel Grand Camps
  • It's OK to Ask For Help!
  • Tutoring Waiver
  • Campus Visitor Procedures
  • Dallas ISD Safety Protocols
  • Mata Positive Staff Referrals
  • and, much much more!

Calendar at A Glance

  • Nov. 30th PTA General Meeting
  • Dec. 1st Campus Spelling Bee

  • Dec. 2nd SBDM Meeting

  • Dec. 3rd - Dress Pass Friday

  • Dec 3rd-10th - Book Fair

  • Dec. 8th - Science Fair

  • Dec. 8th - Mata's Virtual Open House for Prospective parents

  • Dec 13- 16th - 3rd-8th Grade ACPs

PTA General Meeting Today!

Mtg ID: 841 1332 6037
Passcode: MATAPTA

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A special thanks to our Mata PTA and Mata community for the donation of pies for the staff Pie Day. Our staff truly enjoyed the delicious pies! We are grateful for this yearly tradition!

Thank you Mata Family!

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Find your Lost Items

This Thursday, Dec. 2nd, we will bring the lost and found outdoors after school so that you may retrieve any lost items. Items will be located near the marquee!

Book Fair! Dec 3rd-10th

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December Dress Pass!

Friday the 3rd - It's time to sign up and sponsor a class for this month's Dress Pass. Let’s work together to make sure that no class/student gets left out!

Dress Pass Rules

No open toe shoes, flip-flops, or heels

All shirts, dresses, and shorts must be at least fingertip length

No spaghetti straps, spandex, PJ's, or jeans with holes or rips.

You May Sign up to sponsor a class Dress Pass Here:

7th-8th Grade Theatre Presents SILENT SKY!

Our 7th and 8th-grade theatre students have been working tirelessly on their performance of Silent Sky. This one-act play will be entered in the district’s One Act Play competition and we are having performances for our friends and families next week!

Come see the performance next Tuesday-Thursday at 6:30 PM in the auditorium. Tickets are $4 cash or check. Face masks and social distancing are required.

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Girl Scout's Toy Drive! Donate by December 10th

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G is for Gratitude

Did you know that gratitude leads to improved psychological well-being and better physical health? Grateful people even tend to sleep better and live longer! Spending just a few minutes a day to practice gratitude with our families can positively impact how we address stressful situations life unexpectedly throws our way.

According to Raising Grateful Children Project at UNC-Chapel Hill, 85% of parents said they prompted their kids to say "thank you," while only 39% encouraged children to show gratitude in a way that went beyond good manners.

In children, studies have shown:

  • Gratitude can be linked to happiness in children as young as 5.
  • Gratitude positively impacts tweens (11-13), reporting more satisfaction with their schools, families, communities, friends, and themselves.
  • Grateful teens (14 -19) are less envious, depressed, and materialistic than their less grateful counterparts.

Author and professor Randy Pausch said, "Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other." In this month's edition, learn about the Science of Gratitude, try some simple gratitude ideas with your child, and explore NOTICE-THINK-FEEL-DO gratitude questions to help your family foster an attitude of gratitude this season.

Eduardo Mata Montessori Student Attendance Information

The academic success of every student at Mata Montessori is important. Daily school attendance and on-time arrival are critical to this success. State law requires that all children enrolled in school should attend school regularly. PK and Kindergarten students must also abide by attendance laws. Since attendance information is important, we want all our families to be aware of the following expectations.


Class starts at 7:45 AM. If a student arrives after 7:45 AM, they will be considered tardy and will have to stop by the front office to get a tardy pass.

Tardies do remain on a student’s academic record.


When a student is absent, please send a doctor’s note, handwritten note or you may send an email to the registrar, Ms. Sosa at We ask that you submit this note within 3 days of the student’s absence. Please include the following information:

· Student name

· Date of absence

If a student is sent home by the nurse and is absent for one or more days, a note must be submitted to the office upon the student’s return to school.

Excused/Unexcused Absences:

Excused absences include:

· Illness

· Death in the family

Unexcused absences include:

· Transportation problems

· Oversleeping

· Out of town for family vacations

· Bad weather conditions (unless the district has closed schools)

Early Pickup:

If a student must leave early for a medical appointment, please submit a doctor’s note.

Middle School Students:

Attendance is taken each period. If a middle school student leaves early, please submit a note so we may excuse the remaining periods.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our front office staff at 972-749-7500.

El éxito académico de cada estudiante en Mata Montessori es importante. La asistencia diaria a la escuela y la llegada a tiempo son fundamentales para este éxito. La ley estatal requiere que todos los niños matriculados en la escuela asistan a la escuela con regularidad. Los estudiantes de PK y Kindergarten también deben cumplir con las leyes de asistencia. Dado que la información de asistencia es importante, queremos que todas nuestras familias estén al tanto de las siguientes expectativas.


La clase comienza a las 7:45 AM. Si un estudiante llega después de las 7:45 A.M. se considerará que llegó tarde y tendrá que pasar por la oficina principal para obtener un pase de tardanza.

Las tardanzas permanecen en el registro académico del estudiante.


Cuando un estudiante esté ausente, envíe una nota del médico, una nota escrita a mano o puede enviar un correo electrónico a la registradora, la Sra. Sosa al Le pedimos que envíe esta nota dentro de los 3 días posteriores a la ausencia del estudiante. Por favor, incluya la siguiente información:

· Nombre del estudiante

· Fecha de ausencia

Si un estudiante es enviado a casa por la enfermera y está ausente por uno o más días, se debe enviar una nota a la oficina cuando el estudiante regrese a la escuela.

Ausencias Justificadas / Injustificadas:

Las ausencias justificadas incluyen:

• Enfermedad

• Muerte en la familia

Las ausencias injustificadas incluyen:

• Problemas de transporte

• Quedase dormidos

• Salir fuera de la ciudad para vacaciones familiares

• Condiciones climáticas adversas (a menos que el distrito haya cerrado las escuelas)

Recogida temprano:

Si un estudiante debe salir temprano para una cita médica, envíe una nota del doctor a la oficina.

Estudiantes de secundaria:

La asistencia se toma en cada período. Si su estudiante de secundaria se va temprano, envíe una nota para que podamos justificar los períodos restantes.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, no dude en llamar a nuestra oficina al 972-749-7500.

Vaccination Clinics

Dallas ISD is collaborating with several organizations to offer Covid -19 vaccination Clinics for ages 5 and up at eight campuses. The following clinics will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., on Saturday, Nov. 20, for the first dose, and Saturday, Dec. 11, for the second dose. No appointment is necessary.

  • David G. Burnet Elementary School, 3200 Kinkaid Drive, Dallas, TX 75220
  • Cedar Crest Elementary School, 2020 Mouser St., Dallas, TX 75203
  • Gilbert Cuellar Sr. Elementary School, 337 Pleasant Vista Drive, Dallas, TX 75217
  • Jerry R. Junkins Elementary School, 2808 Running Duke Drive, Carrollton, TX 75006
  • Umphrey Lee Elementary School, 7808 Racine Drive, Dallas, TX 75232
  • Henry W. Longfellow Career Exploration Academy, 5314 Boaz St., Dallas, TX 75209
  • Charles Rice Learning Center, 2425 Pine St., Dallas, TX 75215
  • Solar Preparatory School for Girls, 2617 N Henderson Ave., Dallas, TX 75206
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Please see the Playwriting Contest shared by Ms. Bailey - Enjoy!

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Samuell Grand Rec Center Winter Break Camps

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It's OK to Ask for Help!

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Tutoring Ratio Waver - Please complete

Join PTA

We would like to encourage you to join our Mata PTA. Join here!

Check out their webpage at

Sign up for the PTA newsletter: Click Here

Dallas ISD Updates for Campus Visitors

While Dallas County is in Level Red, campus visitors and volunteers will not be allowed. We will use virtual meeting options to limit campus visitors. All visitors who enter the building will be required to wear a face covering and those who proceed beyond the reception area will follow specific guidelines for visitors.

Visitor Screening/PPE Requirements

  • Please self- screen before entering any Dallas ISD facility. If visitors have COVID-19 symptoms, or are lab confirmed with COVID-19, they must notify the campus and remain off campus until they meet the criteria for re-entry.

  • All individuals entering the building will be required to wear face masks.

  • Visitors will stand behind the shield guard installed at reception desks or recommended 6 feet distance.

  • Any individuals permitted to proceed beyond the reception area must follow all safety and campus protocols.

  • Parent curbside pick up of students and materials

Dallas ISD School Safety Protocols

Parents and caregivers, please see Dallas ISD's School Safety Protocol for Parents Handbook 2021-2022 Download and view the handbook here:
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Mata Montessori School's Vision and Mission

Vision Statement: To provide an academic foundation which allows our students to be successful life-long learners.

Mission Statement: To provide an authentic Montessori education by focusing on educating the whole child academically, socially, and emotionally for all children.

Mata Montessori School's Key Actions

  • Maintain a climate and culture that fosters academic excellence.
  • Improve quality of instruction and student achievement through an aligned Montessori curriculum.
  • Actively engage parents in education in meaningful and relevant ways.

The Mata Memo

If you need a hard copy of this digital newsletter, please contact the main office.