Record Player

Also known as the Phonograph

The record player is a hand cranked turbulent that players music. The record player has a recorder that works by someone singing into a tube that makes vibrations. The vibrations work by there is a pin that carves music waves onto a disk. After the waves are put on the disk it is played over and over and over until lit sounds wright. After it sounds wright someone can get it and listen to the song recording.


Some similarities between the record player and the CD player is that they both can record. They both can also play music. What is also the same is that they both have a pin that spins on a pirating plate.


The differences between a record player and CD player is that a CD player has a much flatter mad more compact disk. The difference between a CD player and a record player is that a record player you have to use a hand crank to make music. The CD player is more small and can be moved more easily.

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This is what the first phonograph would have looked like just more beat up.
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Record player

This is what a record player looks life.
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New record player

This is what a new record player looks like.
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