Working Bikes

Lee Ravenscoft

Working Bikes was founded by Lee Ravenscoft in 1999. Working Bikes is a program run by volunteers that takes old bikes and recycles them. They send bikes internationally or donate them to the local homeless in Chicago.

Lee wanted to stop all these nice bikes from being thrown away and do something nice with them, which eventually led to the creation of Working Bikes. He took a problem he saw, and found a fix for it. that's what entrepreneurs do.

Connection between my two entrepreneurs

Vera Wang and Lee Ravenscoft have one large similarity. They both had a passion or interest for something and created a business out of it. but, they also are different. I would say vera wang is a little more business oriented and Lee is more concerned about helping others and making a change. Vera runs a multi-million dollar company while Ravenscoft created an organization run by volunteers.