Improving Your Memory!

Take a look at these four ways to help improve your memory!!

Guaranteed to improve your memory fast!

Technique #1: FOCUS!!!

If you are listening to someone, try to repeat or paraphrase what they are saying. This will help ingrain the in your mind. If you are thinking about something else while someone is presenting information, you are most likely not listening to what they are saying. This is very applicable to people taking classes (I.E. college or high school), or learning something new in their job, repeating and paraphrasing someone else's words will help improve your memory!

Technique #2: Learn New Ways to Think!

You either use it, or you lose it, my friends. Do crosswords help? Yes! Do word searches help? Yes! This is a very good way to improve memory because it tweaks the information into various parts of the brain and it was very useful in holding onto memories!! By using, for example, a crossword puzzle, remembering something like vocabulary terms will help your brain remember it in new ways. This will surely help improve your memory fast!
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Technique #3: Repetition!

Repetition is also an incredible way to improve your memory. Remembering and repeating things many times help information stick and it can even stay forever! By repeated exposure to information, your brain has a better chance at remembering it than seeing it only one time! Also, according to a recent study done by psychologists, if you repeat something to yourself 21 times or more, your memory will keep it forever! This is very applicable to your job. Let's say you are instructed to study and learn this new information on a product your company just started to sell. If you look at the information only once, then your brain may be able to only remember little to no information at all. This is why repetition to information is one of the best ways to retain information!
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Technique #4: Gettin' those Z's are key!

Throughout the last twenty or so years, there has been many studies on the effects of sleep on your memory. It is proven that the more sleep you get, the better your memory will be. It is also proven that the people that sleep more, are able to retain more information than someone that doesn't sleep as much. This can be used in many ways. For example, school! If you study really hard all night, and get little to no sleep at all, then your chances of remembering the information you studied for is diminished. It would be of greater benefit to go to bed early, and "sleep on" the information you studied!
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