Alternate Ending Project

By : Joshua Song Period 4th

What if the South won the Civil War?

If the south had won the Civil War then possibly slavery would still be around today. Slavery maybe would've been gone by now because maybe there might be a second civil war later. The south also would make a whole bunch of plantations and more agriculture over the years. Industry now would probably be shrinking or less because the south would want more slaves and more farms. Slavery maybe would also become a huge thing in the U.S. I also think that slavery would possibly spread to the whole world because U.S. would sell them to make more money. If south had also won the other wars in the future would maybe be lost.


In conclusion, The south would have more slavery and also things in the north would shrink and become like the south. Also slavery would be a huge part in the changes.

What would've happened if Lincoln wasn't elected?

If Lincoln wasn't elected then The civil war wouldn't have happened , slavery would still exist, and there wouldn't be over 620,000 deaths. The civil war started when Lincoln came in to the presidency. It started where South Carolina left the U.S. then many other states followed. People thought the Civil War would last not very long but it ended up lasting for 5 years. The deaths tolled up to 620,000 back then there weren't many people around and that many deaths is huge for a small country. Slavery would still exist because Lincoln signed and made the emancipation proclamation. This let all the blacks free and the south lose the war.


If Lincoln wasn't elected for president then he wouldn't have caused all these problems. But if he wasn't elected we would have probably fallen apart as a country.