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Angel Warrior - Praying for your Neighbor

Angel Warrior - Praying for Your Neighbor

Praying for your Neighbor

"Time spent in prayer will yield more than time doing work." - Andrew Murray

Is Andrew Murray right? Even if we really believe it, this is most often backwards to how we actually do things. But, what Murray says here is a major kingdom principle. Simply said, when we make a decision to sit down and call out to God, we accomplish more than if we are working hard and trying to complete things without reference to God. Payer multiplies our capacity for productive work. Throughout history, men and women of God who accomplished much, did it through prayer. Prayer produces change in us and gives us spiritual sensitivity to actions we can take that will have an impact...

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All of this was possible because it is God who works in us to will and to act for His good pleasure. But, for God to work in us, we need to be putting ourselves in the position to hear from him and act on his directives. In our communities and in our neighborhoods, things will be unlocked, doors will be opened, and things set in motion only if we pray.

Who is Angel Warrior?

Angel Warrior is the Executive Director of the SEED Group, where the focus is to develop marginalized communities in India by empowering women and enriching the lives of children. Angel’s experience also includes serving as a Project Manager for Hewlett Packard.

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Sponsored by Sacramento PRAYS

SacramentoPRAYS was formed out of the prayer group that came together to support and pray for the 2012 Luis Palau Sacramento Festival. The express purpose of forming SacramentoPRAYS was to continue to unify, strengthen, and encourage believers to pray in and for the Sacramento Region.

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