February Newsletter

Room 133 Grade 4

Interesting Information

Our class reached our happy face goal of 57, which meant we had our class pizza party on Tuesday, Feb. 2. We will be deciding on a new happy face goal this week.

Thank you to everyone who signed up to receive Remind messages via text. If you are interested in signing up and need the sign up instructions, please write a note in your child’s planner.

Our next skating trip is February 19th. If you have signed up to volunteer, a volunteer application form will come home shortly. Please fill it out and return it to school as soon as possible. Volunteers are asked to meet us at Carling Arena.

Reading Update

We have been learning about close reading strategies called Signposts. These are comprehension strategies that help us look more closely into a story to build a deeper understanding of it. We will continue to learn more about and practice these. The sign posts we have learned about so far are Contrasts and Contradictions, Again and Again, Aha Moment and Tough Questions.

We are also continuing to practice setting our own reading goals and working towards those goals during independent reading.

Writing Update

We have been learning about the plot of a story, particularly a folk tale. In conjunction with the ending of our habitat unit in Science, each student will be writing a folk tale explaining how the animal they made in Science developed one of its adaptations. We will be learning about the writing process as we work through this process of brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing and publishing.


We are learning about measurement. While the main focus is measuring in millimetres and centimetres, the class is also learning about decimetres, metres and kilometres. Most students are doing well with measuring. However, some continue to require extra practice with converting from mm to cm and vice versa. Please give your child some practice with this. We will also be learning how to tell and measure time to the minute.


As we finish our habitat unit, each student is eagerly working on an adaptation project. They have researched two animals, including information about their adaptations and habitat. They have developed a plan of a habitat they will build as a diorama and a plan of a hybrid animal, which contains components of each of the two animals they researched. We have begun to build the habitats in a shoebox and will continue this along with building the animal out of plasticine. We will be displaying our hybrid animals and habitats in the library during an open visiting session. Classes will be invited to attend and ask questions. Parents will also be welcome. The date and time will be sent home once it is finalized.

Upcoming Dates

Feb. 2 - Class Pizza Lunch

Feb. 4 - Pizza Day

Feb. 5 - Report cards are sent home

Feb. 12 - Ryerson 100 Day Assembly

Feb. 18 - Pizza Day

Feb. 19 - Skating at Carling

Please let me know if you have any questions. I sincerely believe your child’s education is a partnership effort.

Mrs. Standish