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Hello Ladies and Gents

This newsletter is going to be a little long but will contact A LOT of information that is very important for you and your business. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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O2 Bundle

How exciting is that??!! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Flyer: http://bit.ly/204SlyA
FAQ: http://bit.ly/1nocEZI
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Updated Career Plan

By now, I am sure most of you have heard/seen the new career plan. There are just a few changes.

The first major change is you no longer need to have your team structured to promote. What I mean by that is it is all based on how many Team Leaders (TL) you have on your 1st line = personally sponsored (PS) + how many TL you have in your 1st 4 lines.

The second change is you will notice the team overrides are divided up. All of the designers in your 1st line are considered your PS therefore you get the 1st level or PS bonus. But you also will get the level 1 of mentoring bonus so that percentage is the same as on the old career plan - so nothing different there. The only difference is now you can sponsor someone but place them on someone else's team NOT to help with team structure but to help with that teams Team Volume(TV). So let's say, I sponsor Mary but April's team has their structure in place but each month they are just shy of the TV needed. So I will be Mary's sponsor but April will be here mentor. So I will get the 5% sponsoring bonus but April will get the 4% mentoring bonus on everything Mary does. Make sense?

Third, you will also notice you need to have $99 in PV a month to stay as an active designer. If you have anything less than $250 your commission will be 20-40% vs 30-50%. BUT, you can get that missing % back by hitting at least $250 in the next month. So for example, you do $99 in February, so come March commissions you will be paid at 20-40% rate but in March you do $250 then in April commissions you will get paid at your 30-50% rate for March PV but then get 10% back on the missing amount from February!! WOOHOO!! But after having $99 or less for 3 months or more, your team will roll up to the next leader. When that happens you become "inactive" but still considered a designer. Your title will go back to designer. You can become and "active" designer again by placing at least a $99 order.
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O2 Rewards

Storybuilder has changed slightly! Now, you just need $250 a month vs $500 in PV. You also will receive the opportunity to order the host exclusive at a HUGE discount!!

Owlchiever remains the same.
2.11.16 Shining Jewels' Training_Recognition

All Team Call/Webinar

Kristine ( my mentor) did an all team call and this call/webinar helps explain a little more about what I discussed above.

Please let me know if you have any questions!!