Hunter Lockwood

Character Descriptions

High School Drop Out

His smell Is disgusting, his hygiene questionable,

His reek so bad that that the use of his spray on deodorant is negligible.

Dropping out of school at the age of sixteen,

His life soon sank faster than a submarine.

Never having done any work in his life,

He always said "why deal with the strife?"

His parents tried helping, tried being supportive,

Yet he just used their money for drugs, ones which were addictive.

A sweatshirt he wore with old tattered up jeans,

Trying to cheat the system with uninventive schemes.

He finally found a job with a giving and caring boss,

From whom he stole saying oh well it's his loss.

After being fired he signed for unemployment and welfare,

He never searched for a job thinking its free money why should I care?

Lazy and ungrateful he still hasn't learned,

That you may have to work for things instead of taking what others have earned.

Trust Fund Baby

Down the street he walks with a swagger,

Acting like he is all powerful, as if holding a dagger.

Graduating from Stanford top in his class,

Everyone knew he was given a free pass.

For 4 generations his family had gone,

It wasn't his hard work that let him step foot on it's lawn.

Since he was a child he had been given everything,

He never worked hard for really anything.

After graduating he immediately got a job,

Working under his father who was CEO making him even more of a snob.

He made enough money to buy his own city,

He still thought giving any to charity would be a real pity.

Welfare he thought was a theft of his hard earned money,

Even when it was given to 3 kids and their mommy.

He always said hard work is what people had done who had succeeded,

Ironic since it was something he had never needed.

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In the plane they both take their seat,

Cutting in front of women and children needing help, still on their feet.

One in first class the other in the back,

Both lack sympathy for the child having a panic attack.

Simultaneously they both ask for a glass of wine,

And when told to wait they both squeal like swine.

The plane takes off headed for the Caribbean,

One man goes for vacation, one to make sure he is never seen again.

Sitting in the back of the plane this man is a drop out,

He stole the money for his plane ticket from his parents while he was laying about.

He is going to escape his debt and run away from his troubles,

Although his life hasn't really been filed with many struggles.

A CEO he is going on vacation,

Although his everyday life is pretty much a haven.


I am the High School Drop Out and I am here to tell you a story about a stupid man who put his trust in others. One day just a few years ago a young man inherited a large sum of money from a deceased family member. After much thought on what he should do with the money he decided to invest in a small factory near his home. After a meeting with the owner of the factory to whom he hadn't previously been acquainted with he invested every penny feeling confident that the owner of the factory would not abuse his new found money and power. The owner promised the investor that he was going to expand his factory, that he had a plan for increased product output, that he knew exactly how he would spend the investment to maximize both of their profits. It was all very convincing to the man. All of his friends thought he was a fool for trusting a man whom he knew almost nothing about. Yet the man stuck behind his decision, he had always said that people were were good, that he could trust this stranger and that people are inherently not cheaters or thiefs. After a couple of weeks of not hearing back from this stranger the young man went and checked on the factory which he had invested. The factory looked abandoned, out of production, not a soul in sight. It didn't take long for the man to realize he had been cheated, that the owner had stolen his investment. The stranger had disappeared with the young mans fortune. The young man was now broke, he had invested every penny in the factory owner and had lost every penny.