Umbriel A Moon Of Urauns

Kayle H.

What Is Umbriel

Umbriel is a moon which belongs to Uranus. Its name comes for the Latin word Umbra which means shadow. They chose this word because Umbriel is the darkest of Uranus's moons. Umbriel is the third largest moon that belongs to Uranus. Umbriel has an icy surface and its core is some type of rocky substance. The moon is self is believed to be made up of about 40% water.


Umbriel was discovered in 1851 by William Lassell. Lassell thought it was the most interesting find while researching Uranus and its many moons. He thought that there was something very special about this moon Lassell later finds a ring around Umbriel. Shortly after the ring discovery Umbrie became the 3rd largest moon of Uranus moon.

Fun Fact

-Did you know that all of uranus's moons are named after Shakespeare plays and characters from Alexander Pope's plays.

Voyager 2: First Spacecraft at Uranus (1986)

Orbit Info

Umbriel is just one of 15 moons orbiting Uranus. To orbit Uranus it takes Umbriel about 4 days. And it takes Umbriel about 84 years to orbit the sun. Well orbiting Uranus Umbriel always has the same side facing Uranus. When orbiting Umbriel is about 265,284 miles from Uranus. Umbriels average orbital speed is 10,441 mph.


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