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Colony High School.

Is to inspire academic achievement and personal growth in all our students so that they will successfully participate as active and responsible citizens in our ever-changing world.

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Calling all CHS Students and Staff: Let’s start this new year moving in the mornings at Colony High. The gym will be open from 7:00 - 7:30 every morning, with an extended time on Monday mornings from 7:00 - 8:30 to support working families and active students. We will have healthy snacks daily and prizes that students can earn for their first 5, 10 and 20 visits! #GetMoving #KnightsLeadTheWay #BeKind #BeActive #BeStrong #BeYourself

Quarter 3 Ends March 9th

Work Day, no school for students March 10th

Spring Break ~ March 13-17

Professional Development Day ~No school April 28th

AP Testing ~Coming in May 2023

Graduation ~ May 17th, 7 pm at the Menard

Quarter 4 Ends May 19th (last day of school!)

2023--2024 Course Selection for CHS students, grades 9-11, will take place one of their core classes (9th: Biology, 10th: World History/AP World, 11th: US History/AP US) in the library during the weeks of 3/20 and 3/27. More info to follow! Check out the Program of Studies for more info about classes--including prerequisites, descriptions, and what a class counts for in terms of credits~

National Honor Society will now be tutoring will now be offered all Wednesdays and Thursdays during both A and B lunch in the library. There will be no sign-ups required and interested students can just meet with NHS students in the library.

Yearbooks are on sale now! Go to to purchase. Use the Yearbook Snapapp to upload photos that you would like to contribute. Seniors! Senior portraits and quotes are due December 1st. For the people in the back: USE THE QR CODES POSTED THROUGHOUT THE BUILDING TO SUBMIT PHOTOS!

Do you have a parent or sibling that graduated from Colony? Yearbook is doing a then and now theme this year. If you know an alumni, please encourage them to submit a current photo to There is a link on the facebook page with additional information.

Course request sheets go out to students on March 9th and they will be entering their course selections with support from the School Counselors into StudentVUE the week of March 20th, after Spring Break.

Our CHS 9th and 10th graders have Alaska Science and AK STAR State exams coming up on April 4th for 10th grade, and April 18-19th for 9th graders.

  • AK STAR - Alaska System of Academic Readiness

AK STAR assesses all 3rd-9th grade students in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics.

  • Alaska Science

Alaska Science assesses all 5th, 8th, and 10th grade students in science.


The PSAT will be given to all 9th graders at CHS on April 20th.

The music department boosters are selling Colony Gold Cards that are good for Discounts and free food all over the Valley! There are amazing coupons for Cold Stone, Subway, Hacienda, Panda Express, and much more!! Cards are $25 and can be purchased from Mrs. Rentz in the Choir Room.

Join Girls Who Code Club. Stop by Mrs. Sanders room 1044 for a club form and to sign-up. No experience necessary, just interest in learning to use technology and coding.

2022/2023 school calendar link:

Do you drive to school?

All students must have a parking permit to park in the school parking lot. Parking permit forms are available in the front office.

This Week at Colony

Colony High School Activities

This weeks schedule March 20-25

Monday, March 20

  • Basketball Boys Practice Varsity 4:30 - 6
  • Basketball Girls Practice 2:30-4:30
  • BB Cheer- 2:45-5
  • Softball practice 7-9 big gym
  • Baseball - Open Gym 6:30-9 small gym
  • NYO practice 2:30-3:30 rm 1042
  • Track & Field 2:30-4:30
  • Girls (Menard) 6-8
  • Boys 7:30-9:30 (Menard)
Tuesday, March 21
  • Basketball Boys Practice Varsity 4:30 - 6
  • Basketball Girls Practice 3-6
  • BB Cheer starting at 2:45-5
  • NYO practice 2:30-3:30 rm 104
  • Softball practice 7-9 big gym
  • Track & Field 2:30-4:30
  • Soccer
    • Girls V Scrimmage
    • Boys V Scrimmage

Wednesday, March 22
  • Basketball Boys State @ 6:15 vs. Monroe
  • Basketball Girls State @ UAA 4:45 vs. Juneau
  • BB Cheer State @ UAA 4:45/6:00
  • Pep Band - State @ UAA 4:45/6:00d
  • NYO practice 2:30-3:30 rm 1042
  • Baseball - Tryouts 7:30-9:45
  • Softball practice 5-6:45
  • Track & Field 2:30-4:30
  • Soccer
    • Girls V 3:30-5:30 - CHS Turf
    • Boys V 3:30-5:30 CHS Turf
  • Parent/Athlete Meeting - 7 pm Big gym (Soccer/BB/SB/T & F

Thursday , March 23
  • Basketball Boys V practice 4:00-6:00
  • Basketball Girls V practice 2:30-4:30
  • BB Cheer 2:45-5
  • Baseball - Tryouts 7:30 - 9:45
  • Softball practice - JV 5-6, V 5:30-7:30
  • NYO practice 2:30-3:30 rm 1042
  • Track & Field 2:30-4:30
  • Soccer
    • Girls V 5:15-7 CHS Turf
    • Boys V 3:45-5:30 CHS Turf

Friday, March 23

  • Basketball Boys State @ UAA TBA
  • Basketball Girls State @ UAA TBA
  • BB Cheer State @ UAA TBA
  • Pep Band State @ UAA TBA
  • Baseball Tryouts 7:30-9:45
  • Softball Practice - JV 5-6, V5:30-7:30
  • NYO - Practice 2:30-3:30 rm 1042
  • Track and Field Practice - 2:30-4:30
  • Soccer
    • Girls V 5:15-7 CHS Turf
    • Boys V 3:45-5:30 CHS Turf

Saturday, March 25
  • Basketball Boys State @ UAA TBA
  • Basketball Girls State @UAA TBA
  • BB Cheer State @ UAA TBA
  • Pep Band State @ UAA TBA
  • Softball Practice V 8-10 am


Attention Seniors:

    • March - Talent/Speech Auditions for Ceremony (times TBA)
    • April - Art submissions for program cover due (date TBA)

    If you have questions about graduation, please call or email Graduation Coordinator Mrs. Haase in the Library at


    Click this link to take you to the MSBSD Community Flyers page:


    Yearbooks are on sale now! Go to to purchase. Use the Yearbook Snapapp to upload photos that you would like to contribute. Seniors! Senior portraits and quotes are due December 1st. For the people in the back: USE THE QR CODES POSTED THROUGHOUT THE BUILDING TO SUBMIT PHOTOS!


    List of Clubs & Activities

    Actvitiy - Advisor/Coach Email

    Band Jamin Burton

    Baseball JV-Varsity Jordan Chadwell

    Basketball Boys C-JV-Varsity Tom Berg

    Basketball Girls C-JV-Varsity Chandice Kelly

    Battle of the Books Stephanie Haase

    BB Cheerleading JV-Varsity Jasmine Talbot

    Choir Kelly Rentz

    Close Up Tom Berg

    Brian McIntosh

    XC Running Boys Norm Rousey

    XC Running Girls Rhonda Knopp

    Dance Sabrina Johns

    Drama Kelly Rentz

    Brian Mead


    FB Cheerleading JV-Varsity Jasmine McEwen

    Football C-JV-Varsity Robbie Nash

    Freshman Class

    Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA) Pat O'Neal

    Girls Who Code Traci Sanders

    Hockey JV-Varsity Chris Yaskus

    Interact Rotary Amanda Cabo-Settle

    JROTC Anthony Petroccia

    Junior Class Brian McIntosh

    Katrina Nilson

    Key Club Ross Clifford

    Leadership Brian McIntosh

    Marching Band Jamin Burton

    M. Band Color Guard Kelly Rentz

    Nat. Honor Society Sabrina Johns

    Nordic Ski / X-Ski boys Mark Strabel

    Nordic Ski / X-Ski girls David Knopp


    Partners Club Sarah Crowell

    Pep Band Jamin Burton

    Poetry Out Loud Trevor Townsend

    Competitive Robotics Brian Mead

    Science Olympiad

    Senior Class Sabrina Johns

    Alex Harris

    Shooting Team Frank Monfrey

    Sign Language (ASL) Kathy Cappa

    Skills USA Kelly/Moore/Trotter

    Soccer Boys JV-Varsity Jeremy Johnson

    Soccer Girls JV-Varsity Jeremy Johnson

    Softball Tamara Finley

    Sophomore Class Don Kirby

    Ross Clifford

    Spanish Club Chad Rice

    Student Govt. Shannon Watson

    Swim & Dive Kaitlin Dault

    Emily Worley

    Tennis Susan Brunner

    Track Boys

    Track Girls

    Volleyball C-JV-Varsity Steve Reynolds

    Wrestling JV-Varsity Todd Hopkins

    Yearbook Susan Brunner

    Ashley Kelly

    CHS Athletics



    1. Create a parent and student account on (link accounts)
    2. Must have a current Physical (upload to Planet HS)- good for 18 months
    3. Take a Baseline IMPACT Concussion Test (see below for dates/time/location)
    4. Pay Sports Fee ($200)- MSBSD Website- SchoolPay -$200 for the 1st and 2nd sport, $100 for 3rd, and $500 cap per student per year


    1. Update your parent and student accounts on PlanetHS.
    2. Upload physical (if needed) on PlanetHS
    3. Pay Sports Fee ($200)- MSBSD Website- SchoolPay -$200 for the 1st and 2nd sport, $100 for 3rd, and $500 cap per student per year

    College Visits:

    See counselors in the Counseling Office to pick-up mini flyers for upcoming University Visits, upcoming ASVAB/PSAT/SAT/ACT information, Tutor Request Forms, and any questions about I-Student.

    Scholarship and Financial Aid Information

    Colony High website:

    Scholarships arriving daily - check the Guidance scholarship page for updated scholarship opportunities:

    FAFSA information


    College and Career Testing Information

    Colony High SAT/ACT testing

    Updated 8/12/2021

    Registration MUST be completed online



    CHS Code: 020286

    As of July 31, the College Board has put the following requirements in place for SAT testing:

    1. Masks are no longer required - individuals can choose to mask or not mask.
    2. Plastic bags will be provided and issued to students in testing rooms so that electronic devices can be stored during testing; students will place their device in its bag and will place the bag in a bin.
    3. Students will be spaced 6 feet apart during testing and will be expected to maintain a 6-foot distance during check-in and breaks.
    4. The College Board has allowed for increased check-in and break time so that these conditions to be met/maintained.

    All tests are on Saturdays. Students need to check-in at CHS at 7:00 the morning of the test. Dismissal time may range from noon to 1:30 depending on the type of test, and/or accommodations for students. Test room capacities have been reduced, and additional time has been added to breaks to allow for social distancing as appropriate. Students choosing to wear a mask will be asked to remove their mask briefly at the time of building check-in and individual room check-in for identification purposes.

    SAT CHS test dates 2022-2023:

    • August 28th
    • October 1st
    • November 5th
    • December 3rd
    • March 11th
    • May 6th
    • June 4th

    ACT CHS test dates 2022-2023:

    • September 10th
    • October 22nd
    • December 10th
    • February 11nd
    • April 15th
    • June 10th
    • July 15th

    *ACT may add dates in the fall/winter; those will be posted when the information is available.

    Colony HS Program of Studies

    Community Feedback Survey Forms

    Please visit for student, parent, and staff surveys.

    Colony High School Report Card


    As a requirement of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, states and school districts must issue annual report cards to parents. The purpose of the report card is to provide parents with information about the district and their child’s school in terms of teacher qualifications, academic achievement, and school/district accountability. To access the report cards, please visit the following link at:

    Facebook Colony High School, Palmer Alaska

    Parents and Guardian:

    Feel free to join our Colony High School Facebook page. We will be posting our CHS Daily Bulletin, upcoming events, and some of the results of all of the great things happening at CHS. Thank you again for your continued support. I hope all is well . . . Go KNIGHTS!!!

    Mary Fulp (principal)

    Fundraising Opportunity

    Fund-raising opportunity: In conjunction with Carrs/Safeway, Colony families have the opportunity to sign up their Safeway card with escrip. For a power registration with the group number and info go to to get signed up. From there, Safeway keeps track of groceries bought, then gives Colony a portion of the total spent. This is an awesome way for our families to help fund raise for us. All we do is go shop!

    Mary Fulp, CHS Principal