It's Better Than Disney World!

Move Here, you Won't Regret It!

Tiley is the best place to be. It may sound funny but it isn't, it's LIFE! Here you can enjoy the sweet smell of the Pacific Ocean. Tiley is located at 160 degrees South, and 60 degrees East. We're next door neighbors with South America, and Antarctica! Is that not tempting?

Tiley's Flag

Down Below is an example of Tiley's flag. I designed it with certain colors with different meanings to represent our country's policies.

The yellow is supposed to represent joy, happiness, and intellect.The orange is to represent enthusiasm, fascination, creativity, and determination.The green represents harmony, freshness, and fertility. Lastly the white which represents light, goodness, and virginity.

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It Feels Great!

Here in Tiley it feels amazing!

Since were right by Antarctica, we occasionally get a nice cool breeze.

In Tiley we have many amazing landforms such as big grassy hills, Tall frosty mountains, and small grassy savannahs.

There's much more here but you'll have to come to find out what else we have

We're Practically a Free Country!

Here in Tiley, we're are Democracy, which means you get to make your own choices on who to vote for and what you believe in. We have many rules that we believe are fair. We hope this helps you so that you can be satisfied with what you believe in so you do not commit crimes.

When We Work We Smile!

Here in Tiley we are a Free Enterprise because we think you should have freedom for what you believe in, and that you can make your own decisions on how you want to run a buisness.

We manufacture goods because we think there should be new ideas being produced every second so we can be a more sucsessful country.

Tiley is a leading producer of trumpets and we ship them internationally using ships and planes.

Because we're an island, we are dependent on other country's goods which we recieve by ships and planes.