The Amazing Life of

Eliot Ness

My Thoughts

I think Eliot Ness is a great investigator that helped lock up some of the worlds worst villains. I think Ness was living a good life and loved what he was doing for his country. If I were to become an investigator I would base my skills and tactics off of Ness because I believe he did everything right and had everything going for him. I would not want to have assassins come after me though because I would probably die. Overall I thought e subject I studied was very unique and a great part of our United States history.

The Untouchables

Facts on Eliot Ness

• Eliot ness help bring down Al Capone, a notorious criminal of that time

• Eliot was born in Chicago, IL

• Eliot was an American Prohibition Agent

• Was leader of a group known as the "Untouchables"

• Earned his masters degree in Criminology