Technology & the Gifted Classroom

Turn technology into a tool for your gifted learners!

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Whether you teach 1st grade, 7th grade, or seniors, it is often a struggle to keep your gifted students engaged in learning while the rest of your class participates in a lesson you designed for the average student. In 2015, teachers have one of the greatest resources available the them to provide the gifted student with the opportunity to continue to be fully immersed in learning while not disrupting the environment for others. Students enter our classrooms today loaded down with technological devices; whether it is a smart phone or an iPad or a mini computer, they come to class connected to more than their backpacks.

It is up to us, as teachers, to use these devices (or a computer in our rooms, the library, etc.) to move gifted learners beyond what may be elementary to them in our daily lessons to something more challenging and self-directed.


Virtual Field Trips

Send students on an expedition. When you can't take the gifted child to the museum, put the tools in their hands to do so on their own. Websites like these below will provide a museum-like experience for any student but certainly in-depth self-guided learning for the gifted student:

Independent Study

The web is a vast land of tricks, turns, and twists that can be daunting for a student to maneuver when looking for good, quality content on specific subjects. Remove some of the challenges from your students by providing well-researched, teacher-approved websites as regular resource options for gifted students during the school day.

College Board approved (and partnered) organization that is quickly becoming to go-to site for test prep and more importantly, independent learning. Some say it may replace the traditional classroom one day, and as it grows its subject matter, it will no doubt become a popular destination for students looking for a way to further their own knowledge.

For English learners of all ages, the Purdue OWL website has long been a resource favorite. Students may learn new writing techniques, dive into grammar lessons, or test their strengths in any number of areas.


Providing guided research through webquests is one way students may add to their current knowledge base and feel challenged to dig deeper. The site below has multiple links for finding content-relevant webquests at many levels.


For a truly engaging, year-long activity to engage gifted students, prepare a lesson that will require students to take their learning global. Global School Net connects students around the world on projects relevant to them and keeps them tied to the activity and to each other.