People In Science

By Hanna Kluesner

Jon Bohmer

This is a picture of Jon Bohmer. He and some other people invented an oven that uses sunlight to heat, food, and water. He's one of many people to use cardboard, foil, and sunlight to build an oven. Jon's invention was called kyoto box. It cost only about $5 to make, but it gets hot enough to boil water and cook food. In some countries, people use firewood for most of their cooking. I founded my first multimedia/T.V. software company (Scala) as a teenager in 1987 and have founded two more companies in the same space. My favorite activity is designing. In about 2000 I started getting interested in solar energy. I founded Snap T.V. in 2004.
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Dijanna Figeuroa

Dr. Dijanna Figeuroa is a marine scientist, Technology, Engineering, Art, and mathematics education specialist. She is committed to inspiring young people to diverse backrounds to embrace science and engineering. She loves science and enjoys combining science with Art and design to inspire young people to see the science in all things. She spends up to 12 hours a day in the lab. When she is not teaching she enjoys traveling with her husband and 3 children. Dr. Figeuroa's job has taken her onto a big screen. She appeared in the IMAX film Aliens Of The Deep, with other scientists. Dr. Figeuroa currently works as a project scientist at the marine science, institute in California.
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Mitchell W. Pryor

Dr. Mitchell Pryor and his colleagues conduct robot research on a regular basis. Dr. Pryor's research group develops and tests new ways to use robots. The group works on robots that operate both with and without human assistant. They are on the cutting edge of robotics.
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Agnes Riley

Agnes learned how to fix computers by trial and error. She worked for a company in Hungary that had old computers which needed constant repair. In 1999, Agnes moved to New York City and took the exam to become a licensed computer technician. Give nher a computer that isn't working correctly and she will take it apart, find the problem, and fix it. She is creative, dynamic technology leader with over a decade of experience.
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