Opium Wars

By Blaze Schacht, Sara Harris, David Willis, Mckenzye Pierce

The war of 1840

Opium was a drug that the Chinese bought from the British due to the fact that it was one of the only things they would buy from the British it also blooms into a pretty flower. The Chinese people of the government tried to stop the opium trade by raiding peoples homes and taking and destroying the opium. but this was not enough to stop the opium trade.

June 1840 British wars ships went into china's pearl river delta and began to start war and due to the lack of coastal defense china was defeated. This was the very first opium wars many people were killed. Southern China also known as Guangzhou the 13 factory districts-the only place people could trade

Trading opium was a dangerous and illegal business. A bundle opium costs two dollars to make and sells for 10 dollars the profits for opium were enormous. Britain struggled as china would only accept silver as a profit the british attempted to trade wool, cloth, and scientific instruments. “We possess all things and of the highest quality” Emperor Qian Long wrote to King George III.

At the end of the 1800s China's for million square miles held 450 million people, up from 200 million a century earlier. The ruling dynasty was the Ching, established by Manchus from Manchuria, who in 1644 had superseded the Ming. These descendants of the Tartars appreciated Chinese civilization and adopted a conciliation and adopted a conciliatory attitude toward their subjects. They refused, however, to allow intermarriage with the Chinese, for they realized that only their blood difference kept them from being assimilated and conquered. By and large, however, the Manchus gradually became Chinese in their attitudes and habits.

The 19th century Opium Wars between England and China had lasting ramifications for both countries-so much so that in some ways the wars never ended.

Great britain won the opium war against china some lasting effects of the opium war in china were a weakened military defense and the unfair creation of a treaty and the forcing of china to trade with Britain for supplies they did not want.

The Opium Wars
First Opium War