NoorArt Online Islamic Book Fair

Hosted by Eman School PTA

Islamic Book Fair

AsSalaamu Alaiukum

Eman PTA is hosting an online Islamic Book Fair for our school through NoorArt. NoorArt has Islamic and Arabic books and material for all ages.

Parents, you will have the opportunity to make purchases online during the book fair. All orders will be placed and paid for online by the parent. Shipping will be free; items will be sent to Eman School for pick-up.

20% of the total sales will be given back to Eman School in the form of a credit that will be used to stock our library with Islamic materials.

Important Notes

  • Items will be available for pick-up approximately 1-2 weeks after the close of the book fair. PTA will notify parents via email once the orders have arrived at school. PTA will send orders home with students when possible.
  • Orders not taken from the school by the end of the school year will be added to the school library.
  • Neither PTA nor Eman School is able to pay for or modify orders. Orders must be placed and paid for online by the parent.

About NoorArt

'Noorart is dedicated to educating and inspiring Muslim youth by producing and distributing quality Educational products. Muslim parents often feel overwhelmed with the task of providing an Islamic and Arabic education to their children. Noorart understands this and has accepted the challenge of providing quality Islamic and Arabic products to assist these dedicated parents through exceptional curricula used in the home or at school.'
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