In the few short weeks that I have been in Greece, I have seen multiple demonstrations. Many of them happen in downtown Athens, but others happen in rural areas. They have been from stopping metros for 24 hours straight to blocking roads with tractors. The thing that I have noticed while being in the middle of them is that they are much different than American demonstrations. While some demonstrations in America can be as simple as walking around with a sign in front of the capital building, others have been very extreme. The one that always comes to my mind is the Ferguson demonstration that happened last year. For many people it was a scary time. Roads were being blocked off, buildings were burned down, and people were hurt. I do not see these things in Greece. The demonstrations are not dangerous or scary. They just block off roads with tractors and play loud music. It honestly reminds me of what people in the south do at a bonfire on a Saturday night. I think that Americans should take note and realize that a demonstration doesn't have to be violent to get a point across. In Greece, demonstrations are just inconvenient, but it gets the point across and people see that they are mad.