Technology Matters

Summer is just around the corner! v1(4)

Calling all Proctors!

The PRAXIS has come to Alexander Hall! The partnership between the Testing Center and COEHS continues to grow! Our last testing session was "sold out"! This growth means that we need more proctors and test supervisors to man the Praxis so that more testing days can be offered. This is a great way to support our students! Please note: only non-teacher preparation COEHS members are eligible. Contact Zebreina Patterson, Testing Center Supervisor, if you are interested in becoming a proctor ($10/hour) or maybe even a test supervisor ($15/hour)--call 270-809-6848 or email her at

I put in a work what?

Thank you for helping us keep track of issues by using the work order system. This allows us to make sure that you are getting the help you need and allows the Tech Team to see patterns/issues that are on the rise in the college.

Once you have submitted a work order, our tech team will reach out to you, usually with a phone call. Most of the time, we will be unable to help you if you are not at your computer. Some issues can be resolved via remote desktop; others will require a member of the Tech Team to meet with you in person. Currently, the Tech Team will make three attempts to contact you. If they are unable to get a hold of you after 3 attempts, the work order will be closed and you will be asked to resubmit when you have time. Once you have submitted a work order, you are welcome to call the KATE office to set up a time to meet with the Tech Team. We will just need to connect!

And you are always welcome to call the KATE office at 5360 for assistance with immediate and classroom issues!

BYOD Classrooms

Did you know that all COEHS classrooms in Alexander Hall, Carr Health, and Applied Sciences, even those with instructor stations, offer BYOD capabilities? Have questions about BYOD? Want to practice using a BYOD set-up? Contact KATE and we will help!

Want to use a laptop cart? Need to use a lab?

Please remember to use the Laptop/Lab Reservation form, located on the COEHS Intranet, to reserve a lab or laptop cart for your class.

Here is a list of what is available:

Alexander Hall

  • Room 1003--this lab has a BYOD instructor station with 47 participant computers available.
  • Room 1005--this lab has a desktop instructor station with 24 participant computers.
  • Laptop carts--we have two laptop carts with 30 laptops each.
  • Chromebook cart--we have one cart with 30 Chromebooks.

Carr Health

  • Laptop cart--we have one laptop cart with 30 laptops available for use in Carr Health.

Keep the Classrooms and Labs running.....

It can be tempting to tinker with cables in the classroom...but if you need help with the instructor stations, please call 5360 for immediate assistance. FYI--all classrooms, including those with instructor stations, have an HDMI computer connection that will allow you to connect a computer to the projector--that means all of our classrooms can be BYOD! We can even help you install software on your laptop that will allow you to connect to the projector wirelessly! By letting us help you, we are working together to make sure that the next class runs smoothly. Don't forget to log off the instructor computer when class is over. This will allow the next instructor to use the equipment without having to call for help.

Don't forget to turn off the lights and shut the door when you are done using the labs--especially after hours! This helps keep the labs secure and ready for the next group of students.

Let us know if there is a problem

Please contact us if you notice equipment malfunctions/issues in the classrooms. We give each room a check-up at the beginning of each semester, but we need your assistance identifying any problems that present themselves during the semester. For immediate needs, call Missy at 5360. If it can wait until the end of class, fill out a work order.

What if I have a virus?

This spring semester has brought a few viruses to COEHS. This is a reminder to all of us to backup our files. Don't forget that we have 10TB storage available to each of us on Google Drive. That is 10,000 GB!!! If you need help with Drive, please contact KATE. We would be happy to help.

If you do have the misfortune of "catching" a computer virus, be prepared to check your computer into KATE. Cleaning up might take a few days; we have loaner computers to help you through!

The end is nigh...

Don't forget to let KATE know of any terminations or new hires; this applies to faculty, staff, GAs, and student workers! Please let us know so that we can help contribute to a smooth exit or great arrival. And, for new hires, don't forget to fill out the Network Account Request Form found at or on the COEHS Intranet site. This form should be submitted to KATE, not Information Systems.

Please contact KATE at 5360 with questions. Missy will be happy to help!