Francis Bacon


Bacon was a lawyer, philosophere and states man.

Biography Information

* Birthdate: January 22,1561

* Death date : April 9, 1626 age 65

*Education: Trinity College, Honourable Society of Gray Inn

* Occupation (Job ): Scientist, Lawyer, Philosopher and Renaissance States Man

* Background information: his mom Anna Bacon his dad Nicholas Bacon

*Siblings :Anthony Bacon and Edward Bacon

* What he/she is most known for: Scientist method

Beliefs and Goverment

*He believed that knowledge should be pursed in a new organized way


*Knowledge is power

Famous Book

*Novum Orgaum :By Francis Bacon

*The New Aslantis :By Francis Bacon

* Sacred Meditations : By Francis Bacon

Sir Francis Bacon Biography

Francis Bacon paintings

On of his best paintings.