Do You Know the MAIN Reasons?

By Kayley Lazurick

You Need Militarism

Germany is sinking our ships because we are giving supply's to England, our ally. Germany and England went to war with each other because of the ships sinking. Militarism is a key factor of World War One. Militarism allows countries to conquer more lands around the world while protecting thier own lands and colonies. Don't let the other countries get to the limited edition poison gas and matching gas masks before you.
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Have You Heard About the Alliances

The U.S. is allied with Russia, France, and England as the allied powers. Then there are the evil traders, Germany, Italy, and Austrian- Hungary as the central powers. By having these allies, if one country was attacked, the other countries had to defend them. When one country is attacked the other allies enter the war to defend them and let to many counties ariunfpd the world in wars which let to a world war.

Imperialism is I in the MAIN reasons of World War One

Great Britain and France created large worldwide empires and became very wealthy. Russia and Germany want to create thier own vast empires and get more raw materials from different countries. This is causing conflict and competition between countries around the world.

U.S. stands up to Germany!

The U.S. is trying to stand together as a nation against Germany. The U.S. wont let the Germans control them and they want and need to stand as one. "Live for something rather than die for them shtenkin' people" as said by the legendary war general and incredibly awesome leader Littlejohn.

Angry Serbian man shot and killed the Duch and duchess to the Austria Hungarian empire

Was it a hit? We beileve England told the Serbian man that he would pay him to kill the Duch and duchess. We beileve that England did so to get back at Germany. Was England the man reason for the spark of World War One?
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