Cd/dvd Drive

What is a Cd/Dvd drive ?

What is a cd/dvd drive ?

Cd/dvd drives is a must part in a computer system.Applications,software , movies and much more are delivered through from cd and dvd drives.This device uses laser technology to read and write data .

The uses of cd/dvd drive?

Lots of difference information can be recorded using a optical disk.Whether you want to backup or data or you are just a computer user, cd/dvd are a simple way send information easily.The cd/dvd drive is good because:

  • Inexpensive
  • Stores a large amount of data
  • Easy for handling
The difference between cd and dvd

the difference is they differ in capacity,storage and durability.CDs can store up to 700MB size of data. The standard DVDs store 4.7GB, more than 6 normal CDs of data.

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