Dat, da, da, da, da i'm loving Constanople!

Come to Constanople!

Come to Constanople! Its a rich, amazing looking place. We have public baths, lots of land for building new houses, lots of parks, beatiful bridges, and great help at the hospitals.

6 things to know about Constanople

1. Constanople is a pensuila

2. About 2 millon people that live here are Orthadox Christians

3. We are a very rich city

4. While rebuilding our city we were paid in food and small amounts of food

5. We rubuilt our city better than it was before

6. King Justinian gave more rights to woman (th erights were brought to him from his wife)

Come to Constanople!

Now that you know about how great Constanople is the best city you should move over here.