Live there for $20,000 yearly

Some facts you might need to know

If there was to happen to be a leak then we have put astronaut suits in your closets so you can put them on so you don't suffocate. To get there you would travel in a spaceship that would take 20 days to get here. You would have to wear astronaut suits for the trip here. Inside the domain you can wear normal clothes but at night you should wear something warm because it might get cold.

This is what your room look like

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This is where you are going to sleep for your stay

It is very cozy but you can not stay in there for long only for like the night because there might not be enough oxygen for you to stay long. : )
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Free Hot tube for the first trial but the rest you have to pay for it. : ) but you might die because it might get to cold

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Free Ride but we drive

55% of death no worries : ) but there is free food and water and a t.v and FREE WIFI in the bat mobile.

There would be no tax for the first time that you take the bat mobile to a moon but the rest would cost extra money.

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