#Queenbee EOM

{ End of Month } Newsletter

There's still time to rock!!

No matter where you're at this month, there's still time to end the month with a BANG! Whether you've hit your goal, are closing in on it or maybe haven't had a sale yet, there's plenty of time to make some magic happen! All it takes is deciding now to go for it! Four days is a lifetime in sales, especially during a HUGE promotion like the #Candi Bar promohappening now! Customers can save 25% on ALL necklaces and ALL bracelets which is incredible!!

Here's a few ideas you can try today to reach an extra $200, $500, even $1000 in sales before the end of October!

  1. Follow up with pop up shop guests from earlier in the month/last month who may not have shopped during the event, see if they'd like some of the pieces they were eyeing up now that they are 25% off! A simple "Hey Susie! I wanted to thank you again for attending Julie's pop up shop earlier this month! I also wanted to let you know that we have an amazing promotion happening now, every single necklace and bracelet is 25% off which is so awesome, I had to pass this info along to you because I know you had a few necklaces you were eyeing up (insert photo) If you'd like, I can get those necklaces ordered for you today before the sale ends, let me know! You can take a peek at our entire line here as well <boutiquelink> Reach out if you have any questions! xo Nicole"
  2. Two words: WISH LISTS--Check out your customer's wish lists and let them know they can get the necklaces/bracelets on them 25% off now, but only until the end of the month! You can use similar verbiage as above, offering to place an order for them as well! Make it easy for your customers and I bet they'll take advantage of it!
  3. Personal Outreach! While it's great to get loud on your social media accounts about this amazing promotion, personal outreach always seals the deal! Follow up with those who may have "liked" or commented on posts asking if they'd like any help picking out pieces for an upcoming event or if they'd like their order placed as well....I'm telling you, people LOVE being taken care of like this! I mean if I had Sephora personally call me asking which items I'd like to order, I'd be getting shipments left and right from them....even more than I do now ;)
  4. Bulk Orders! What customer doesn't love a deal + free shipping, am I right?? Offer a bulk order to your VIP's, where they can place an order with you, you'll place it under your alternate account (under a pop up of course to get those hostess credits) ;) and have it all shipped to you. They'll save on shipping and you'll end up with some extra dollars in your pocket just in time for that Nov. 5th paycheck! If they are local, they can pick it up at your house when it arrives....and maybe you just so conveniently have a gorgeous Holiday display set up with our gorgeous new lookbooks! ;)

End of Month Reminders + Updates

Cheers to a ROCKIN' end of month!

As always, I'm here to help you reach your goal this month, no matter what that is! If you'd like to book a quick chat with me today or tomorrow, you can do so by reaching out to me using the contact below or reply to this email and we will find a time that works! I'm excited to rock the rest of this month together...and get ready for an even more amazing Holiday season!!!!